Scholarship: I’ve Graduated, Now What?

Tiffany Jones and Tenicia McKinnley Graduation

Tiffany Jones and Tenecia McKinnley graduate with their Bachelor’s degree. Circa 2004

Graduating from college is a milestone that not everyone that enters college reaches. Omicron Eta supports the thrust of education available to the world. The chapter strives to produce quality women that understand the importance of education. With Sigma Gamma Rho being founded by 7 school teachers, it only seems natural that the young women that join our chapter and various organizations obtain not only their bachelor’s degrees, but Masters AND Doctorates.

More than half of the initiates into the Omicron Eta chapter have taken advantage of the opportunity to further their education with multiple degrees.

Post graduation doesn’t always mean going straight into another degree, sometimes it means joining the work force. Omicron Eta is pleased to produce members that have made unequivocal strides in the medical and social work fields. They are also proud of the members that answered the entrepreneurial call and started their own businesses.

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