Fall is the New Spring – Fall 2014: Keisha Murphy & Courtni Battle


The remaining members in Omicron Eta from the Spring 2014 intake class jumped head first into rebuilding the chapter. They understood the importance of building the sisterhood and were super excited about the opportunity to induct additional members. They ended the 13 year drought of fall intake. THIRTEEN YEARS! The last time Omicron Eta had a Fall intake process was Fall 2001 with Tiffany (Anthony) Wilson, Coletta Jones, Nidra (Wilson) Rick, Tiffany Jones, Jose’ Bozeman, and Kawanna (Woods) Willis. We are please and excited for you to meet the initiates!


When I came to college, I did not know much about Greek life at all! I especially had never heard of Sigma Gamma Rho until mention of the new members coming out Spring ’14. I was very interested in seeing what these young ladies stood for and started doing research before attending the neophyte presentation. After watching the show and then seeing the new members on campus, I knew I had found the right fit! My hope as a new member is to further my knowledge and be an asset to the sorority in any way possible. I look forward to future events, networking with other sorors, and most importantly: enjoying a new sisterhood! I wear my royal blue and gold ‘OH’ so proudly. I am so proud of decision!


It feels great to finally be a Lady of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.! For me, it is especially rewarding to be able to represent this wonderful organization because I am the first to do so in my family.  What better way to start a legacy of educated women who reach out whenever they can to uphold and empower members of their community?!  People join sororities and fraternities for various reasons, but I am my own person.  It’s great to be a part of something bigger than yourself – while reaming “your true self” throughout the process.  I change for no-one, but can definitely create change for someone else within my community.  As a member, it is my hope to do what I can as a student from an educational aspect, and as a civilian to promote little changes to create a big difference.  The world wasn’t made in one day, neither will change occur.  As a member, joining forces with other women of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., we can always be sure to put our best talents and efforts forward.  I’m looking forward to a growing sense of sisterhood, continuous education, networking, and positive change!

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