Beyond the Books and into the Real World

On May 8th 2015, Omicron Eta watched two of our lovely sisters receive their Bachelor’s Degree from UNCG. Brittany Dobie and Doris Jamerson are both members of the Spring ’14 reactivating line of the chapter. They have left an irreplaceable mark on the chapter, as they dedicated their best efforts to rebuild true Sigma image at our university. We will miss them dearly, but are OH so proud of them for their outstanding accomplishments and look forward to see them continue grow in the future.

Brittany Dobie Grad Pic

Brittany Dobie

“My favorite OH memory would have to be our parties in the cafe because of the positive exposure and students getting to see us in a fun environment that is different from our program. My advice for that chapter is to continue to be seen in a positive light! My post-graduate plans include finding employment in helping troubled youth or the Sheriff Academy, I also plan to find a graduate chapter to join. I promise to come  back and visit and be at every OH event I can attend!! I want to be a super alumni !”


Doris Jam Grad Pic

Doris Jamerson

“My favorite memory is our first stroll performance after we crossed Spr’14, we were so nervous but it went great! My only advice for  the chapter is for you all to continue representing the sorority in a positive light.  Sigma Image! My post-graduate plans include: moving to Cary, NC and  plan on joining the grad chapter there. I start my new job as a Camp Director in Raleigh June 1st and hopefully get a Playworks position for the school year. I also plan on going to grad school Fall 16′ for the career goal of an Intramural Sports Director. “

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