Current Chapter

Taylour Johnson

What made me choose Sigma Gamma Rho was that we are different from the rest. We paved a way when there was no way and set the standard for ourselves. The principles of Sigma stood out and appealed to me in a way no one else’s did. Plus the classiness of the ladies within the organization always provides a positive image I love to promote myself. I was inducted in Spring ’14 – April 15th, 2014.I was born in Hedielburg, Germany. I love to cook and I am currently a sophomore!

Keisha Murphy

“Sigma Gamma Rho seemed the most genuine and humble out the NPHC. When I saw the words classy and education, my heart was won! I felt Sigma was the only one to help me grow into the woman I want to be in the future. I was inducted in Fall ‘14. I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches! My favorite hobby is working out. I am currently a junior.

Doris Jamerson

Sigma Gamma Rho was the best fit for me because they were the most diverse out of the Divine Nine. I also liked how we were found by 7 educators. I was inducted in Spring 14. My favorite music artist is Lauryn Hill. I love to be physically active. I am currently a 5th year senior and cannot WAIT for May 2015 – GRADUATION!


I chose Sigma Gamma Rho because I wanted to be different-with a cause. Although that may sound awkward, it’s very much true. Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., is not your typical sorority-sometimes not even considered a mainstream sorority. However, upon starting college, I knew that I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself, and begin a wonderful tradition with pride for my family, and future family to come-SGRho was the only way to go. After much research, and meeting the ladies that I would soon call my “sisters”-things just felt right. Small in number, but mighty in achievement, education, sisterhood and community service-why not dedicate a lifetime to a wonderful cause? I was inducted into the sorority in Fall ‘14. I have a miniature Doberman pinscher named Sugar and a cat named Buddy. I enjoy sketching and traveling. I currently a transfer Junior.

Brittany Dobie

I chose SGRHO because it was the only organization I felt fit who I was and wanted to represent.
 I am currently a senior. I was inducted Spring 14 – Ace Club! 
I like to dance when no one’s watching 🙂 
In my free time I like watching hair tutorials and Netflix.